World, by me.
Anonymous asked:
You just followed me a couple hours ago and I just wanted to say thank you:) then I came here to check out your blog and fell in love with it! You are so talented and you take such beautiful pictures! Keep it up xx

I’m out of words. Honestly, I don’t really feel proud of myself often , but when I read things like this is like you’re all giving me some kind of confidence pills! So thank you so much! :D

And congrats on your awesome blog, anon! 

Anonymous asked:
Your blog is perfect

Oh, dear, I wish! <3

Anonymous asked:
Huge fan of this blog. Great original content.

Well you, mr(s) grey face, just made me really really happy. Thanks you for being so kind and supportive, I mean it. :)

Hey hello, people!

So, many of you guys are asking me about my instagram account.
If you’re curious or just want to check it out, click here or search for “maripanz”.
I’m gonna love having you around there, ‘cause… well, you know, you are lovely as hell, so…yep! ;D

Also, thank you, again, for following AND for all the adorable messages ♥ 

Anonymous asked:
You followed me here, so I followed you on Instagram. I can take your photos on the go with me!

Yay, that’s awesome! :D Feel free to follow me and take my pictures (and my ocasional silly faces) everywhere!