World, by me.
Anonymous asked:
Do you travel around the world? :)

Honestly, I’m not sure if ‘not anymore’ or ‘not yet’! I’m probably on a (long) break. :( I was an exchange student for a year, so I traveled across Europe for a while, and now I’m back. BUT, I still travel whenever I can, and I’m planning to see the rest of the world, so… Not yet, but soon! :)

Anonymous asked:
Your icon is gorgeous! I dig the Beatles shirt :)

Oh, please! Who doesn’t dig that Beatles shirt? Hahah Feel free to borrow it! ;D And thank you for the ‘gorgeous icon’, it made me blush a little! 

Anonymous asked:
Whenever I read your url I always read it first as frommy foureyes But then I read it again and say Ohhhhhh yea it's from my four eyes...

Hahah It can be, it’s all cool. My brother used to call me ‘four eyes’ when I was little, because of my glasses, and the frommy is up to you, I have hundreds of nicknames anyways! ;D

Anonymous asked:
Are you tumblr famous? Because you should be! ;) <3

I guess I don’t even know what that actually means! Haha But no, I’m not. I have some really amazing followers who always say nice things but I’m pretty sure thats not how that works!

Anonymous asked:
You just followed me a couple hours ago and I just wanted to say thank you:) then I came here to check out your blog and fell in love with it! You are so talented and you take such beautiful pictures! Keep it up xx

I’m out of words. Honestly, I don’t really feel proud of myself often , but when I read things like this is like you’re all giving me some kind of confidence pills! So thank you so much! :D

And congrats on your awesome blog, anon! 

Anonymous asked:
Your blog is perfect

Oh, dear, I wish! <3